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Two B2B Strategic Marketing Quick-Hitters

Small and Medium Sized Business Marketing Quick-Hitters I’ve lived most of my professional life in the startup, small, and medium-sized business worlds. In this SMB world, marketing departments usually consist of one or two people. In this type of employee mix, you often find the marketing department spending more time on internal marketing projects for various departments. I’m here to…
Matt Kraska
July 25, 2019
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B2B vs B2C Marketing – Understand the Customer

Consumers vs. Businesses We're all consumers of something, and most of us have probably been responsible for both purchasing for ourselves and our places of employment. Think about that; the thought processes you use for yourself are likely very different than those you use for your company. Better understanding those differences can make you a better marketer. I believe the…
Matt Kraska
July 13, 2019